Retail Security

Retail Security

Retail Security is a unique challenge for security professionals. Opportunity for losses are endemic and require diligent and competent employees to combat the various threats.

 Fresh Security Solutions and its employees have many years of retail security experience, including; Retail Parks, Shopping Centres, Department Stores and other retail outlets.

By its very nature the retail environment exposes security personnel to criminal elements on a daily basis, our Officers are trained to present a welcoming presence and yet project a professional deterrent to crime. Our Officers are clearly instructed and trained in the law pertaining to shoplifting and the apprehension of suspects.

We also can provide highly trained store detectives for the more covert roles required. Store detectives can monitor individuals and blend in with crowds without being noticed which can lead to a stronger return of investment for the client with a reduction in stock loss.

Customer service is a very important part of an Officers duties; communicating with the public by providing directions and answering any questions they may have. Security officers are normally the first point of call to answer questions that is why officers have a good working knowledge of the property floor plans and layout.

The scope of duties can also extend to loading bays, car parks and further protecting the property, shoppers and the client’s staff from robbery, assault and damage.